Do you enjoy the warmth and coziness of a wood-burning fire but don’t like the look of traditional wood-burning fire pits? Take your outdoor patio to a new level of sophistication with the Luxeve Smoke Less Fire Pit. A powder-coated exterior, modern stainless steel feet, and fire pit glass around the rim give Luxeve contrast and style. Add in the smoke reducing technology that gives the Luxeve its name and you have a wood-burning fire pit that can compete with the standards of the higher end outdoor living market.

Available in five different powder-coated colors or a simple stainless steel finish, and manufactured entirely out of stainless steel the Luxeve combines clean-burning technology with a modern, contemporary design. Each Luxeve Fire Pit comes with your choice of five different colors of decorative fire pit glass to be inserted in the outer ring of the fire pit.

Utilizing the same secondary combustion, smoke reducing technology found in the rest of the Breeo Fire Pits, the Luxeve is an excellent choice for those looking for an innovative and modern way to enjoy the age-old campfire. Less smoke means more fun so pull up a chair and relish the beauty of a wood-burning fire without the annoyance of large amounts of smoke attempting to chase you around your fire pit.

Each of the Luxeve Fire Pits has been designed and manufactured by local craftsmen and are carefully packaged and shipped out of our location in Lancaster, PA.